Travel Management
Travel Agencies:

Travel technology strategies

Agency supplier procurement assistance:
- Current program effectiveness
- Strategy and negotiation, including leverage techniques
- Airlines and other travel suppliers, travel insurance, GDS and other distribution systems, travel technology firms
- Value-added supplier programs

Online purchasing impacts on corporate and leisure travel

Market research and evaluation

Agency responses to rapidly changing revenue streams and distribution models:
- Business development strategies
- Value-added approaches to enhancing customer loyalty
- Change management
- Service fee implementation

Corporate Travel Departments:

Travel program effectiveness:
- Average ticket price savings
- Benchmark program costs
- Shared cost-saving solutions

Supplier negotiation strategies

Travel management:
- Managed versus unmanaged
- Bricks and mortar versus online agency
- Improve management buy-in
- Assist agency management negotiations for booking fees and value-add services

Travel and expense management:
- Travel policy development
- Implementation and agency coordination
- Change management

Corporate online self-booking tools:
- Functionality & pricing analysis
- Implementation assistance
- Change management

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